Dental Emergency Kits & Resources Dental Emergency Kits & Resources Dental Emergency Kits & Resources
Dental Emergency Kits & Resources
Dental Emergency Kits & Resources

Oral Cancer Tests

Oral Cancer Screening and Dental Medical Emergency Kit and Supplies are included in our product line:

Our Goals:

Once medical emergency and oral cancer protocols are established in your dental or medical office, the benefits include:

About Mark Castle, DDS

Dental Emergency Kits & Resources

After attending a seminar on dental office emergencies, attendees and myself determined that a current DVD, an accompanying workbook, and an office policy manual on how to both treat and avoid dental office emergencies are "must have items" for every dental team.

This unique combination is only available here! These items are "indispensable" to use in training new and current team members. One of the key benefits of this format is the ability for all the dental team members to learn at their own pace. Plus, what a great addition for staff meetings!

Dr. Castle graduated from Michigan State University in 1975 and the University of Detroit Mercys School of Dentistry in 1979. He has been practicing dentistry for over twenty five years.

Early in his career, he practiced in many varied settings. These settings ranged from a dental camp for handicapped children; various HMO groups; Commercial retail settings; PPO affiliates; Solo and group private practice; and supervision of a licensed public denturist. He opened his solo private practice in 1984 at Glendale, Arizona and practiced there until he sold it in 1998. His practice was continually performing in the top ten percent of practices nationwide.

Dr. Castle has been affiliated with many organizations in dentistry throughout his career. His past memberships include the ADA, AGD, AOS, AAFO, and the AACD. He graduated from the Las Vegas Institutes aesthetic program in 1996.

Dr. Castle has written many publications with more on the way. The topics range from dental management, self enhancement, and some of his unique philosophies on managing a dental practice. Some of the titles of these publications are: "Dentistry was Never Meant to be a Struggle!"; "How to get Your Recare System Going Gangbusters!" "How to Create a Learning Environment in Your Office?" "The Five Secrets to Better Listening." "Finding and Retaining Staff." "Marketing Techniques that Really Work!"